Saturday, 21 October 2017

Today's Review: Fruit Salad Sour Softies

I found this bag of sweets in Asda the other day, and was surprised I hadn't tried them yet. I don't know how long they've been out, but they seem to have slipped under my radar. In the same vein of the amazing Squashies, these Softies are a soft, chewy version of the classic Fruit Salad sweets, and this bag introduces a sour element. They only come in two flavours, but hey, sometimes less is more. You have the classic raspberry & pineapple, as well as blackcurrant & lime. Both sweets taste like their real life fruity counterparts, and the classic flavour are particularly reminiscent of the chewy sweets. The sour element is present, not particularly strong, but there's a certain tang to them that's pretty good. The texture of these isn't quite as good as the Squashies, they're slightly more chewy, but still a good bag of sweets. Definitely worth checking out.

My rating: 4/5

Friday, 20 October 2017

Today's Review: Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Bianca Deliciosa

I was recently sent a voucher to try out this new limited edition Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza. I'm partial to a Ristorante anyway, so I was happy to oblige. I'm a big fan of the pollo variety, among others, but this one sounded particularly great. It's a bacon and onion pizza, with mozzarella and edam cheeses, but with white sauce on the base instead of tomato. Intriguing, and well worth picking up. But how does it taste?

Pretty amazing actually. The bacon pieces are small, but juicy, and combine well with the onion. Less is more with these toppings, there's less distraction from the goodness underneath. It's a great combination of cheeses, and the white sauce rounds it all off with a fantastic creaminess, making this one delicious pizza. Apparently white sauce pizzas are on the rise, and I'd say it's a trend I'm looking forward to seeing more of. In the meantime, pick up this pizza while it's still around, it's really good. You can grab it from Asda, Sainsbury's and Ocado, and I highly suggest you do.

My rating: 5/5

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Today's Review: Tesco Gruesome Muffins

It seems a while since Tesco brought out some unique baked goods, but Halloween is just around the corner, and Tesco have responded in fashion with these disgusting looking green muffins. Don't be fooled by the colour though, these muffins are toffee flavoured, and disguise a centre of sour apple, making it quite the fitting flavour for the autumn months. 

I wasn't too sure how these were going to work out, what with them being green and all, but I was pleasantly surprised. The sponge is nice and moist, and while it's perhaps a little too squidgy, it packs a good toffee flavour. As you can see from the picture, the filling is pretty plentiful, and it's got a nice tang to it, with a definite taste of apple. It blends in nicely with the sponge, creating a sour toffee apple flavour that, while a little sickly at times, is a pretty unique combination for a muffin. These are pulled off quite well, and it seems they'll probably only be around for a couple more weeks, so it's worth picking these up from the bakery.

My rating: 4/5

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Today's Review: Hunger Breaks Mixed Grill In A Can

You may know that occasionally I'll hunt down the most abhorrent looking food I can find during a shop. Why do I do this to myself? Well, partly because it's nice to be able to warn you in case you were ever thinking of picking up such delights as this mixed grill in a can, and partly because it's nice to write about something that isn't "really good" or "pretty good". Sometimes it's just nice to tear something apart, because, let's face it, no one, not even those who made it, thought that this was a good idea.

Just look at it! What even is that? Well, let me enlighten you. While the can clearly lies about it being a "delicious mix", it does assure me that the stuff on that plate is a combination of beans, diced potatoes, sausage, chicken nuggets and lamb chop. Yes, a lamb chop in a can, what a time to be alive. To be fair, the beans are alright, passable as far as beans go. The potatoes are just mushy and have a weird taste, and so does the meat to be honest. The chicken nuggets don't change in colour or consistency throughout, and taste how I imagine those meaty chunks in dog food taste. The sausage just sort of squidged apart in my mouth, it's hard to tell whether it's processed meat or water with a little bit of fat mixed in. The lamb chop was the most interesting, I was wondering how they got one into a can, but then I realised they did it by not making it resemble a lamb chop in any way. Dubious meat in a chicken dipper shape, with a vague yet horrifying hint of lamb-like flavour. 

You may have gathered just from the title, but don't buy this. If you ever find yourself considering picking up a mixed grill in a can, I'm not sure anything can save you. This just provides solid evidence for the fact that if you're putting your meat in a tin, you're doing it wrong.

My rating: 1/5

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Today's Review: Mentos Sour Pop Ins

Here's a wackily designed packet of Mentos I found in the world foods aisle of Sainsbury's. They're Pop Ins, and the text is placed into a large cartoon mouth, so I can only assume they're for popping in your mouth. These ones are sour, and while I know sour Mentos are a thing, I'm not sure I'd tried them before.

Well, now I have, and they're alright. These ones only come in four flavours, there's blueberry, apple, orange and lime, with the lime one being yellow, because green is already taken... Anyway, these are pretty much regular Mentos. They're a bit sour, but I was expecting a lot more. The fruit flavours are authentic enough, but it takes a lot of effort to chew down to the point where the sourness comes through. So yeah, I'm disappointed, but these are still worth a go for the Mentos fans. Something a little different.

My rating: 3/5

Monday, 16 October 2017

Today's Review: Tesco Finest Crinkle Cut Four Cheese Crisps

Tesco may be revelling in the oddity that is their candy cane crisps, but they also have some more traditional offerings for the festive season. Here we have some crinkle cut crisps flavoured with not one, but four cheeses. The more cheese the better, I say, so I was pretty excited to find these contain cheddar, Wensleydale, Stilton and Camembert. They're actually pretty impressive too, creamy, cheesy crisps that are packed with flavour. The cheeses are a little at odds with each other, the Wensleydale and cheddar are sometimes lost, but the Stilton and Camembert flavours are bold and authentic, and make for a a different and effective bag of cheese crisps. Well worth picking up for the coming months.

My rating: 4/5 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Today's Review: B&M American Style Hot Dog Kit

B&M has a fair amount of questionable food items lining its shelves (I have a particular tinned treat I'm trying to hold off experiencing). I thought I was out of the woods after the first couple of rows and yet, on the other side of the store from the food aisles I found that the fun wasn't over. Sitting amongst the Christmas decorations was a stand in the middle of the floor, boasting these hot dog kits. Now, I'm normally used to seeing hot dogs in the refrigerated sections, or packed into dubious cans elsewhere. But never before have I seen them in blister packs alongside buns and sachets of sauce. I guess this is one for all you budding survivalists to put in your bunker, as long as the apocalypse is going to happen in the next few months anyway. The instructions are simple. Snip the end off the hot dog packet, blitz them for 15 seconds, stick them in the buns and microwave for a further 30. There's no more convenient way to get your hot dog fix, but is it worth it?

Here they are in all their glory(?) Notice that weathered look on the buns, like the dry, chapped and dusty hands of a manual labourer. I'm imagining they don't taste dissimilar either. The buns were so dry that one of them snapped as I attempted to put the hot dog in it. Once they were blitzed I suppose they weren't awful, but by no means is this nice bread. The hot dogs aren't great either, but at least they're not slop. There's some semblance of meat in there, and overall I'd say these are simply barely passable hot dogs, rather than the gastronomical punishment I was expecting. They're helped along by the nice little Heinz sachets too, to cover up the disappointment of what lies beneath. So if you're desperate for a hot dog and this is the only option, its not going to kill you. But it's not enjoyable either.

My rating: 2/5