Friday, 23 June 2017

Today's Review: Not Having Enough Time To Write A Proper Review

I had a small window of opportunity today to sit down and write a proper review of something, and it turns out I've squandered that time terribly. My ability to add pictures to reviews on mobile has been severely reduced, so I'm left writing a stream of consciousness rambling while on my way out. It's all my fault really. In all honesty it takes me less than 15 minutes to knock out a regular review. But I still ran out of time to do it. Besides, if I had any modicum of forward planning skills I could have written one up a couple of days ago. But here we are, one measly paragraph of self-deprecating nonsense instead of something even mildly interesting.

My rating: 0/5

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Today's Review Coca-Cola Zero Vanilla

Vanilla Coke is great, it took a long time to come out over here, but when it finally did I loved the stuff. Nowadays though, I can't really handle the regular Cokes, they're too sugary for my liking, so it's nice to see the Zero range expanded to incorporate the other flavours. Now, despite loving cherry Coke, I wasn't fond of the Zero version, but I was hoping they'd make a change with this one. Turns out they didn't really. This is not a great Coke. There's a little hint of vanilla, sure, but it's mostly taken over by more artificial tasting stuff. I was trying to fully appreciate the flavour, but there's no way it lives up to the regular stuff. At its base is the standard Coke Zero recipe, which saves this from being completely awful, but the attempt at vanilla flavouring just doesn't work for me. It's a shame, I was really looking forward to this.

My rating: 2/5

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Today's Review: Costa Coffee Banoffee Frostino

Summer is well and truly here, and although Costa's summer drinks have been around for a while, it's taken me this long to try out the one that intrigued me the most. Salted caramel has been the flavour of the moment for a while, but it seems this season people are going crazy for banoffee. I can't say I've always been keen on it, but it's grown on me lately. So this sounded pretty good, an iced coffee and banana drink, swirled with caramel sauce.

At the first sip, I didn't think all that much of this, the coffee and banana combination was a little odd. After a few gulps though, I was hooked. It's a fresh taste of banana, with a smooth undercurrent of coffee that gives it a nice velvety kick. It's a refreshing drink, with a good amount of milk tying it all together. On top of that, there are the lashings of caramel sauce, which ramps up the sweetness, and combines with the other flavours to make this a complete banoffee experience. I reckon I'll be grabbing quite a few of these over the summer, cool and refreshing and packed full of flavour.

My rating: 5/5

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Today's Review: Hershey's Chocolate Twizzlers

B&M have stocked several varieties of Twizzlers over the years, and I can't say I've been fond of any of them. I fail to see how they're so popular in America, they seem like mostly flavourless rubber to me. But the other day I found these chocolate Twizzlers, which promised the Twizzler experience couple with Hershey's chocolate, another American delicacy that I am not fond of. Hershey's is gross chocolate, and tends to leave me with an after taste I liken to vomit. So with those opinions in mind, it's fair to say I expected nothing good from these chocolate flavoured twists.

I didn't hate these, not with the fiery passion that I assumed I would. Unlike a lot of the Twizzlers I tried, these actually have some flavour, and it is slightly reminiscent of chocolate, so in that way I was quite surprised. However, I would not say these are good. The combination of chocolate and chewiness doesn't sit right with me, and the more I chewed, the less authentic the chocolate became, and by the time I was finished I was left with that chewy lump of flavourless Twizzler that I'm used to. So yeah, chocolate chews, not awful, but not really a good idea. These ain't like Riesen, they're a pretty unholy match.

My rating: 2/5

Monday, 19 June 2017

Today's Review: Mr. Kipling Tangy Raspberry Tarts

Picnicers rejoice, the summer cakes are being rolled out. Of course, Mr. Kipling already has a wide selection of cakes that will sweeten up those hot afternoons, but they don't want to stop there, as evidenced by the release of these new tarts. I went for the "tangy raspberry", because raspberries are great. These consist of a pastry case with raspberry flavour white chocolate ganache, raspberry jam, and topped off with raspberry sugar granules. That's a lot of raspberry, and a lot of sugar.

As you can see from this cross-section, apart from my dental records, is that this is truly raspberry through and through. Basically, it's like a Cherry Bakewell, but instead of the sponge there's just more icing. The ganache is a bit of an odd thing. It's good, but the sheer amount of it does get sickly fairly quickly. I wouldn't have said it was ganache if I hadn't read it either, it's got more of the texture of icing. There are hints of both raspberry and white chocolate, so that's pretty good, but it does tarnish the rest of the tart a little. The jam is great, it's where the tanginess lies, and is the most authentic raspberry element here. The sugar granules are a nice touch, adding a bit of crunch and yet more raspberry flavour, and it's all wrapped up in a nice soft pastry case. A pretty good effort at a nice summery cake, if they'd have gone easier on the ganache I'd say it was perfect, but all that icing does lay a little heavy on my stomach.

My rating: 4/5

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Today's Review: Jack Daniel's Cider

Do you like Jack Daniel's, but find the weather a bit too hot lately to be downing shots, or worrying about mixing it with Coke? What if there was some way to enjoy that Jack taste, in a refreshing, cooling, ready made way? Well, check this out, it's Jack Daniel's cider! A combination of apple cider and Jack Daniel's. Yeah, that's pretty much it. 

Not, don't knock it 'til you've tried it, I've heard a few people complain that this is a very unnecessary product, after all, why not just drink the old fashioned Jack? Well, I'm quite fond of this. This is actually a pretty refreshing bottle, and the Jack Daniel's taste is very authentic indeed. It's not too strong, which is what you'd expect from a cider, and hey. sometimes I'm not quite in the mood for hard liquor. As for the cider side, that's what gives this bottle its refreshing edge. I can't say the apple was too noticeable, the flavour of the Jack does tend to dominate it a little, but there are some crisp notes in there that add to the refreshment. I'd say this is a pretty good combination, a fairly mild, more manageable drink that will be good for cooling off in the summer sun.

My rating: 4/5

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Today's Review: Poundland Smooth Fruit & Nut

Poundland seem to be putting out a lot of knock off chocolate products lately, with such truly awful offerings as the Easter-themed gritty sugar-filled Spoon It Outs, and the horrifyingly designed packaging that houses equally horrifying fake M&Ms that are Choccers. I neglected to buy up their version of Minstrels, safe in the knowledge that they would be just as inedible as the M&M attempt, but on my last trip I see they're expanded to chocolate bars, taking after some of the big name brand varieties. Now, this isn't specifically stated to be made by Poundland, instead the wrapper informs me that it's made by a company called Smooth!, although the paragraph that tells me that is Spanish, despite the company being based in Birmingham. That sort of set the tone for my assumption that this would be some very low quality chocolate. I went for the fruit and nut, because even if the chocolate was bad, at least they can't screw up raisins and almonds, right?

You know, I consider it part of my job to sometimes seek out those truly awful looking products, if only to confirm what everyone thinks and to warn off anyone thinking of picking them up. Most of the time, those foods I think look awful actually are, and I can consign them to the rubbish pile and never look at them again. Sometimes, however, I am wrong, and this is the case here. This chocolate is not awful, in fact, it's not bad. Just looking at the ingredients shows that cocoa butter is a predominant ingredient, which is something some bars are lacking these days, and that cocoa presence is clear in the flavour, this is actually quite a creamy bar of chocolate. It's not perfect, but I was extremely surprised by how much I liked it. The raisins are a good addition, a nice fruity chewiness that adds some flavour, but the almonds could use a little work, they're very soft and the taste doesn't exactly shine through. What I will say though is that this bar is thick, thicker than the Dairy Milk bars of the same size, and in my opinion, a thick square of chocolate is more satisfying than a thin, drawn out one, so that's another point for this here bar. This is some pretty good chocolate, and it goes to show that gems can be hidden in plain sight. Try this out, don't judge a chocolate bar by its wrapper.

My rating: 4/5

Friday, 16 June 2017

Today's Review: Walkers Sensations Chargrilled Steak & Chimichurri

I do like it when crisp flavour come along more than one at a time. While I wasn't too keen on the idea of the wasabi Sensations (or a massive fan of the taste, not bad though), I liked the sound of these steak and chimichurri crisps, promising a meaty and herby combination. 

I was thinking the steak would be at the forefront of the flavour, but it turns out the herbs are pretty strong, actually quashing the meaty tones a fair bit. Now, I'm not too mad, the steak isn't particularly authentic, and the herbs actually seem pretty accurately portrayed, but the balance is too off to rate these particularly highly. It's a lot of herbs with a slight steak undertone, not a bad combination, but a pretty average execution.

My rating: 3/5

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Today's Review: McDonald's Tennessee Stack

Not the most presentable picture of a burger, but hey, that's what happens when you go bun-less. At least they stacked it up and put it in the appropriate box, instead of flat in one of those breakfast trays. Anyway, here we have the last Great Tastes burger for the year, in the form of the Tennessee Stack. This one seems less ambitious than some of the previous offerings, but sometimes it's nice to have a simpler burger. This one consists of two beef patties, smoked cheese, bacon, lettuce, grilled onions and a Tennessee BBQ sauce. 

No bun for me, I know, but it's supposed to come with a simple flour topped one, so I don't think that would add much to the overall flavour. What we do have here is... nice, I'll give it that, The sauce has a lovely sweet, smoky flavour, which is accentuated a little by the cheese, although the cheese isn't particularly flavoursome. The rest of it is pretty run of the mill, no surprises. It's a decent burger, but it doesn't do anything particularly great. Compared to what else has come out over the last couple of months, this is pretty middle of the road. Not bad, but I know they could do better.

My rating: 3/5

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Today's Review: Mrs. Elswood Hot Dill Cucumbers

There was a time where I couldn't stand pickles. Pickles? Gherkins? Eh, either one is fine. Anyways, I'd be scraping those shrivelled green bits off my Big Mac at every opportunity. But, like a lot of foods, I decided to give pickles a chance, and now I'm pretty much in love. So much so that a jar of pickles is now a permanent resident of my kitchen cupboard (then fridge, 'cause I read the label correctly). Here we have some brand name pickles, or "dill cucumbers", guess Mrs. Elswood didn't want to get embroiled in the naming controversy. These aren't your ordinary pickles though, they're hot, and I definitely like hot, and pickles, so I couldn't pass these up.

Let's start with the basics, these are good quality pickles. Sour, juicy, just great to chop on top of whatever you like, or eat as a snack. But the heat element is where these shine, there are hints of mustard and pepper thrown in here, and they really give quite an intense hit of heat. There are elements of chilli and mustard in there, so it does get to work on the taste buds. It's offset a little by the sweet and sour flavours in the pickle itself, but after eating one there was a lingering heat on my tongue for some time. Not an unpleasant one, but definitely lasting. So if you like heat, and you like pickles, you can't go wrong with these.

My rating: 5/5

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Today's Review: Hoovering Up Something Important

Vacuum cleaners are a fantastic invention, a great way to get rid of crumbs, dust and other small particles with minimal effort. They end up in the bag, or the cylinder, and can be easily disposed of. Unfortunately there are several quite important things that can be covered by the umbrella of "small particles", such as screws, earrings or small toys, and it's all too easy for them to disappear up the nozzle. There's nothing I hate more during a routine hoovering than recognising an important item at the very moment it disappears forever.

Okay, maybe not forever, that instant feeling of loss and regret can be mitigated by delving into the vacuum cleaner and sifting through the mound of dust, hair and whatever else has ended up inside. Sometimes it's wet too, that's not good. Yes, while most of the time I'll cut my losses, some things I have deemed important enough to delve into the insides to retrieve, and being the owner of a Henry, getting through an old school hoover bag is not ranked highly on my list of favourite recreational activities.

I guess I could avoid this problem by being more alert while cleaning, but sometimes it happens with no warning, important things can be lurking everywhere, so I'll say that this is a very unpleasant situation to be in, and I dedicate this review to all my lost, tiny items.

My rating: 0/5

Monday, 12 June 2017

Today's Review: Walkers Sensations Japanese Sweet Wasabi & Ginger

I don't like wasabi. I've tried to get into it on several occasions, but it's just too much for my taste buds. Same with horse radish really, I can't do that kind of spice that gets right up in your nose. So I picked this bag up knowing full well that I might not like them, after all, the wasabi is right there in massive letters. But hey, it's a new flavour of crisps, I had to try it out, and maybe this would be my gateway into wasabi love.

Nope, I still don't like wasabi. The first taste you get with these crisps is a fairly authentic version of it, a fairly intense hit of spice that takes over. I wasn't a fan, but that flavour soon gave way to something else. The back of the pack actually attempts to walk you through it, saying first you'll taste wasabi, then onion, and finish on ginger. They're not too far off actually. The initial spice gives way to a much more mellow, sweet onion-like taste, and after that there is a certain warmth. It doesn't particularly taste like ginger, but it's a nice finish, and surprisingly it left me wanting to try another one. Until I tasted the wasabi and regretted that decision. It was a vicious circle. So yes, these crisps taste like wasabi, but there's more to it than that. I figured I'd hate these, but I have to admit they're not all bad. I still can't recommend them too much, but it's a decent effort with some authentic flavours.

My rating: 3/5

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Today's Review: Walkers Oven Baked Fusions Spicy Tomato & Herbs

Man, how many types of Walkers are they going to bring out? I'm sure there are only so many shapes, ridges and methods of cooking they can employ, and these seem to be an extension of the regular flavoured Baked Walkers. These ones have fancy flavours, hence the "Fusions" part. This pack has spicy tomato and herbs chucked in, which sounded good to me. The Ketchup Walkers are one of my favourites, so a spicy, more natural version had some promise.

These crisps are slightly ridged, which allows for a good coverage of flavouring, and it shows in the bold tomato that's present throughout. The herbs are more understated, but they give the tomato a bit of an edge, and it's a fairly clean taste. The spice wasn't apparent at first, but as I made my way through the pack a pleasant amount of heat built up, and overall this is a nice saucy flavour of crisps. I look forward to trying out the other varieties.

My rating: 4/5

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Today's Review: Heck Chicken Italia Sausages

I've liked the look of these Heck sausages for a while now, but I always opted for the cheaper stuff. They're on offer right now in Tesco, so I figured I'd try them out. These are chicken sausages, with added basil, tomato and mozzarella. Sounded pretty fancy to me, and they're also gluten free and low in fat, so that promised none of the stuff they shove into your regular sausages.

As fancy as these sausage sound, I found them to be a little bland. There's some good quality chicken in there, it doesn't taste too processed, so that makes these some pretty clean tasting sausages. As for the other ingredients that they've put in there, I can't say it contributes too much to the flavour. There's a hint of them in there, but the chicken seems to take pride of place, and I was hoping for more tomato and cheese. These aren't bad, but for the price and the promise of flavour, they're pretty middle of the road. Think I'll stick with other sausages.

My rating: 3/5

Friday, 9 June 2017

Today's Review: Tesco Goodness Cheese Dinosaur Shapes

I do like the odd cheese snack, but I don't normally consider them among the best quality foods. But then, I've mostly grabbed Cheesestrings and Babybels from the kids' stash of lunch box fillers, and those always have that slight rubbery outer texture that I guess is good at preserving the stuff. So naturally I consigned all snack cheeses to this way of thinking, until I broadened my horizons and bought up some other varieties. Here is one that we picked up recently, they're blocks of mild cheddar cheese in the shape of dinosaurs. How cute!

Yeah, literally a cheesy dinosaur. At first glimpse it looked fairly underwhelming, and that it may have that rubbery outer layer, but upon opening it I was pretty impressed. Sure, the very outside isn't the best quality cheese, but it gives way to a very decently sized chunk of cheddar that tastes like it's fresh off the block. I perhaps would have enjoyed something stronger, but hey, these are for the kids, and mild isn't so bad every now and then. These make for a good little lunchbox filler, especially if your kids are into dinosaurs. Or if you are, of course.

My rating: 4/5

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Today's Review: Voting

I voted today. Did you? Hopefully most of you will say yes, and if the answer is no I really don't know what to say. What more can be said that hasn't already been said in the weeks leading up to this election? We are fortunate to have the right to vote, to have our say in who runs this country, and voting because "it doesn't change anything" is the one way to ensure that nothing changes. I won't spout overused rhetoric, I can't change your mind, the polls have closed. So lets me focus on the act of voting itself.

Voting is easy, man. It's easy to register, and even easier to actually do the deed. Go to your nearest polling station (they even sort out all that for you), give them your name, put a cross on a bit of paper, put it in a box and walk out. That's it, it takes less than five minutes. There are things I do for a lot longer that are entirely unimportant. I probably stare blankly at a wall per day for longer than it took me to vote. It's easy, it's fast, and it's the most effective way to make sure your voice is heard, and to give you justification for your moaning over the following five years. Voting is great, and if you didn't do it, shame on you.

My rating: 5/5

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Today's Review: BBQ Sauce

I stopped using BBQ sauce when I started my diet, it contained an unnecessary amount of carbs that I could be eating elsewhere to contribute towards a balanced meal, and I thought I'd be fine without it. Turns out I was, but today I ordered some hunter's chicken without the almighty BBQ sauce, and it came out with it anyway. Instead of doing the normal thing and correcting them, I decided that today those extra carbs wouldn't be so bad, and tucked right in. Boy, was it worth it, BBQ sauce is great.

I won't delve into specific brands of BBQ sauce in this review, just the idea of it in general. There are many varieties, but I can't say I've found one I haven't liked. Heinz, Tesco, McDonald's (both regular and the amazing one you get with the Chicken Selects), they're all great. It's like ketchup, but kicked up a notch, incorporating some great sweet and smoky flavours to provide a sauce that's great with a lot of stuff. Especially ribs, man it's great on ribs. I used to be a ketchup fiend, but now if you ask me what my favourite sauce is, I'm likely going to say BBQ. No matter what form it's in, I can't say no to a bit of that sauce. Perhaps one day I'll run a dedicated BBQ sauce review week. Well, perhaps not, but that gives an indication of how much I like the stuff.

My rating: 5/5

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Today's Review: Rockstar Revolt Killer Cooler

I do like a zero calorie energy drink, so it's always nice to find one I haven't tried before, even if it is by Rockstar. Their flavours have been a bit hit and miss for me, but I was hoping something in their "zero" range wouldn't possess the sickly flavours that some of their others do.

So here's the Killer Cooler, an unspecified flavour of energy drink that's pretty easy on the nutritional stats. I have to say, this wasn't bad. I mean, it wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. It's pretty refreshing, not syrupy or sickly like I've found some of the more sugary varieties. As for the flavour, I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Slightly fruity, a bit of citrus maybe? It's not clear, it just tastes more like that standard energy drink flavour, which isn't a bad thing, but it is a little dull. Still, it did the job, refreshing enough and with a bit of a kick to it. I won't buy it over a Monster or Relentless, but it's nice to know there are backup options out there.

My rating: 3/5

Monday, 5 June 2017

Today's Review: The Weather Lately

I live in England, so consistent, nice weather is something that could only happen in my wildest dreams. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it's just cold, rarely it's sunny. But lately it's been all over the place, more than it has before, as far as I can recall. Maybe it's because I'm caught in the midst of it, but I'm finding the whole thing very annoying.

One day it's fairly chilly, I can live with that, but the next day I come prepared with a shirt or jacket, and end up abandoning it and getting sunburn instead. But I needn't worry, because the next day I can cool it down with a nice light rain, or a thunderous downpour, whatever's the flavour of the day. It's ridiculous, I find myself dressing for one type of weather, and then being completely unprepared for what actually happens.  "You should be used to it", you may say, "it's a British way of life". But that doesn't prevent the fact that the weather sucks. At least if it was raining all the time I'd be able to prepare accordingly, but this rampant inconsistency is really getting on my nerves. Sort it out, weather.

My rating: 1/5

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Today's Review: Philadelphia Deliciously Whipped Black & Green Olives

Philadelphia is like the king of cream cheese, I can't resist a bit of Philly in any of its forms. I've tried several of the different flavoured tubs, but have never dabbled in these little pots of whipped cheese. This one contains olives, which I've also grown to love lately, so I was really looking forward to see what the combination would taste like.

The texture of this is different from your regular Philadelphia tub, which is probably given away by the name. It's whipped, for sure, and has a slightly thicker, frothier texture, but it also retains that classic Philadelphia flavour. The olives are pretty generously smattered throughout, and give quite a fresh taste, making this a pretty good creamy combination. This stuff is great whipped up into pasta (or courgette spaghetti as I had it with), adding a lovely cheesy, slightly salty flavour that'll kick your dish up a notch. A great little pot of cheese, I look forward to trying the others.

My rating: 5/5

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Today's Review: McDonald's Louisiana Stack

Just because I'm low carb, doesn't mean I can't enjoy a burger! I just have to enjoy it with no bun... So today I took the plunge and popped into McDonald's for their latest Great Tastes burger. This is the Lousiana Stack, consisting of two beef patties, pepper jack cheese, red and yellow peppers, lettuce, spicy ketchup and mayo. It's meant to come in a spicy bun, which sounded pretty good to me, but I resisted, hoping I could still get a good enough effect.

This is a good burger, but I've got to say it's largely down to the sauce. The spicy ketchup is great, it has a real kick to it, and blending together with the mayo it creates a great combination of creaminess and heat. The spice in the pepper jack cheese isn't particularly noticeable, but I guess it adds to the overall heat created by the sauce. The peppers are a nice touch, soft and with a bit of extra flavour to liven up the lettuce. I prefer the peppers to tomato, that's for sure. As for the bun, I'm afraid I can't comment, but it sounds like it would round this burger out quite nicely. I guess they could have gone a little easier on the sauce to let the other flavours shine through a bit more, but I'm not too mad, this is a good burger.

My rating: 4/5

Friday, 2 June 2017

Today's Review: KFC Nashville Hot

KFC are switching it up a bit this month. Instead of another burger iteration, they've gone for a new coating. Here is the Nashville Hot, coming with the tagline "Can you handle the heat?" Now, Zinger has been a KFC coating for a good long while, and that has a kick to it, so I was expecting something even hotter from these pieces. Also, there's a gherkin on top of each for some reason. Maybe they had some left over from their last burger. Yes, I said gherkin, that's what the website says. I know the gherkin/pickle distinction caused some debate last time, but really it's a matter of semantics. There are slices of pickled cucumber atop these pieces of chicken.

The gherkin is a bit of an odd addition, I didn't try them with the chicken, I just picked them off and ate them before getting stuck into the chicken proper, so as to fully appreciate the flavour of the coating. What I'll say from the start is that this is not particularly hot. I was expecting something with a lot of spice, so I was disappointed in that respect. It's still good though, a smoky, sweet coating that has a nice crunch and a nice undercurrent of spice that heats everything up. I can definitely handle the heat, and I wish there was more, but this is a nice change from the original recipe. Try it out while it's still around. A 2 piece meal will set you back £4.99.

My rating: 4/5

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Today's Review: Apricot Jam Tarts

I made my Twitter and Facebook pages many years ago now, and my profile picture has remained unchanged since. At that time I tended to review an assortment of things, before I fully settled into my little nook of snack food reviews. So on that one afternoon I decided to expand my social media empire (not quite an empire), I cobbled together the most random objects I could find, piled them up on my cooker and took a picture. Not the most effective, nor really representative of what I was doing, but apparently I've been so busy for so many years that I haven't bothered to update it. I think I will soon, but first, let's actually review some more of the things that are in the picture.

Man, what was I thinking? Why has this been adorning my profiles for so long? Why is there a singular jam tart in the corner? Let's focus on the latter one, apparently I just grabbed whatever cake was left in the kitchen, and so this apricot jam tart has been immortalised on the internet. But does it deserve to be?

I love a jam tart, I'm sure many people do, they're a classic cake that combines nice crumbly pastry with sweet gooey jam. That's it, no frills, just fruity goodness encased in pastry goodness. I couldn't tell you which specific brand that jam tart there is, and of course Mr. Kipling will beat a Tesco Value, but due to their simplicity jam tarts don't differ dramatically in flavour.

I like the fact that apricots are used in jam tarts. It's not a fruit you see represented much in sweets and the like, and it's a pretty decent flavour in jam form. I mean, it's not as good as the strawberry and blackcurrant you normally get in a packet of jam tarts, and depending on the brand they can be a bit hit or miss, but the apricot has held its own as a classic variety, and jam tarts just wouldn't be the same without it. I love you, apricot jam tart.

My rating: 4/5

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Today's Review: More KIND Bars

I reviewed a selection of the KIND bars I was sent a few days back, and now I'm happy to say I've made my way through the rest of them. These are all natural, nutritional bars made from natural ingredients, available in a good variety of flavours. So here we go.

Ooh, this one looked a bit naughty. It pretty much looks like a chocolate bar, but instead it's a nice spread of almonds coated in dark chocolate and a hint of coffee. I was hoping the coffee wasn't going to be too strong, as much as I love it, and it actually blends in very nicely with the chocolate.

Chocolate and sea salt, it's a good combination, and it's especially evident here. The nuts take the forefront in this bar, but the chocolate is ever present, and the flavour is brought out with a lovely sprinkling of real sea salt. It's a little blander compared to the other offerings, but that's not a bad thing, it's a clean tasting bar with the right amount of sweetness.

I never used to like coconut, but I'm quite a fan now. An almond bar fused together with coconut and a dash of honey. It's extremely coconutty, which does make it a bit overly sweet, but the nuts mellow it out a little. One for the coconut fans, I guess it could be something of an acquired taste.

More sea salt in this one, and combined with caramel! Take note that in this bar the coating is "caramel flavoured", which I guess they did in order to make everything hold together better. It's definitely not real caramel, but it doesn't taste bad at all. It's another lovely sweet bar, accentuated by the sea salt, with the almonds giving it a good nutty body.

So there we have it, I've completed my journey through the KIND bar range. I can't say I disliked any of these bars, they're all tasty, and they all have great natural ingredients, and are gluten free and low in carbs. I'll definitely be picking some more of these up for a cheeky snack during my diet. 

My rating: 4/5

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Today's Review: Finding A Hair While Washing Up

Washing up is a dirty job. Some people leave it to the dishwasher, but I myself don't have the space for such an extravagant appliance. So instead I spend most nights standing over the kitchen sink, wiping and scrubbing to my heart's content. Well, actually, until the washing up is done, I'm not content doing it.

I can't say I'm particularly keen on bits of food floating around my fingers while I'm trying to scrub, but it's something to be expected, an occupational hazard. What I cannot abide is when a hair finds its way into the bowl, and ends up on my finger. It doesn't even have to be wrapped round, just touching my finger is enough for it to stick there, a long, hairy intruder of unknown origin. It doesn't go away, even if I manage to get it off, it always comes back for more. So I lift my hands out of the water, attempt to pluck it off, and end up with it being stuck to another finger, like I'm in some sort of cartoon situation involving super glue.

Once my fruitless attempts at picking the thing off have been exhausted, there's only one thing left to do, flick it off with a shake of the hand, inevitably sending suds flying all over the place, because I'm too frustrated to just wipe my hands with a tea towel. Hairs are the worst thing to find in a washing up bowl. Why are they there? We don't eat hairs, which utensil or crockery did they end up in, and how? Just the worst.

My rating: 0/5

Monday, 29 May 2017

Today's Review: Five Guys' Bun-less Burger

I mentioned a few days ago that I'm on a low carb diet, and while I've posted a few snack reviews since then, they're just ones from the archives, and there won't be many carby, sugary food stuffs on my plate for a while. So far it's been going well though, so I expect I'll be re-introducing carbs not too far down the line. But today for my dinner I picked this up:

You may think things are dire if I'm eating a chunk of lettuce in my car. But a few bites reveals the good stuff.

Yeah man, there's a burger in there. You see, I was near a Five Guys, and having been there before I know they do good burgers. What I also remember is that they offer any burger bun-less, which is right up my street at the moment. So in I strolled and ordered a bacon cheeseburger, with some toppings thrown in for good measure. They're all free you know, but I went with the mushrooms and jalapenos for their nutritional balance. Then they asked if I wanted lettuce instead of a bun. That's a pretty neat way of solving the bun problem. Lettuce is probably the least dangerous food going, so it'll be good for dieters, celiacs and anyone else who has problems with buns.

The result was a pretty novel and handy way of getting a burger in my mouth. They used a substantial couple of leaves that covered everything nicely, and I managed to get through the whole thing with hardly any spillage of juices or grease. The burgers are as fantastic as always, so it's nice to see Five Guys offer this alternative to those who can't do bread. They even asked me a couple of times to make sure I wasn't going bun-less due to allergens, so their attention to detail is pretty great. If I could eat all my burgers like this while I'm dieting, I'd be pretty happy.

My rating: 5/5

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Today's Review: Swedish Fish

Here's another one to mark off my list of American candies I've heard about on TV. I picked up this box from Mr. Simms a while back, and as yet haven't posted my review of them, so here we go. These are fish shaped, chewy sweets with various flavours. I'd say fruity, but sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what they were going for with the American stuff. Artificial flavours rule! Anyway, these do have the taste of those generic fruity sweet flavours, and mostly do a good job, but they are overly sweet in some respects. They are very flavoursome though, and the texture is great. They're like wine gums, but a bit softer, I'd say somewhere between wine gums and Jelly Babies, but without any of that powdery nonsense that makes me hate on the babies. This is a good box of sweets, a nice helping of American candy goodness.

My rating: 4/5

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Today's Review: Tim Tam Coconut & Lychee

Here's one I tried a while ago, but haven't got round to reviewing yet. A friend of mine brought these Tim Tams back from Australia, alongside a few other varieties. I realise I haven't reviewed the original Tim Tams before, but this flavour was too original to put on the back burner (well, more than I already have). If you haven't heard about Tim Tams, they're legendary Australian biscuits, akin to a Penguin in some ways, but better.

These Tim Tams consist of biscuit layers, coated in white chocolate and filled with a coconut & lychee cream. That stuff in the middle is fantastic, a very sweet offering that tastes distinctly of coconut with a lovely tropical twist. It's a lot more accurate and fruity than I expected, and is the highlight of the biscuit. The white chocolate complements it well, but it is a little thick, and all the elements working together does get somewhat sickly. The biscuit is there to provide some relief from the creaminess, and on the whole this is a great attempt at a tasty Tim Tam.

My rating: 4/5

Friday, 26 May 2017

Today's Review: Staying Out Past Midnight

Ooh, I'm getting too old for this. I figured I'd be back home writing a review on the comfort of my sofa, but instead I'm writing this on the dimly lit walk between bars. But hey, we've all gotta have a bit of fun sometimes, right? So here's a very short, off the cuff review. I'll see you tomorrow with something more conprehensive. Happy weekend!

My rating: 3/5

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Today's Review: KIND Bars

I was sent a selection of bars from the folks at KIND earlier this week, and I've been working my way through the different flavours. All these bars contain a variety of nuts and spices, with some little sweet extras thrown in on top. There's peanut butter, sea salt, vanilla and chocolate to name but a few, and they all sounded pretty tasty to me. The one thing that stopped me hoovering these up in one sitting is that their arrival coincided with me starting a low carb diet. Thankfully, these bars are all natural and nutritious, with each one clocking in at under 20g of carbs. So since I'm working through these at the very slow rate of one per day, I figured I'd talk about that ones I've had so far, and cover the rest in a few days. So here we go.

Each one of these bars is nutty, but this one kicks it up a notch with a dash of peanut butter. So on top of the great nut taste, there's an added creaminess, as well as some dark chocolate thrown in to make it extra sweet. A lovely nutty bar that tastes clean and natural. 

Almonds are the focus of this bar, and there's a slight drizzle of vanilla that adds a nice sweet hint on top. This one is a little more bland compared to the one above, but the little vanilla there is goes a long way to making this perfectly enjoyable, and the almonds are of a good quality.

That's right, it's maple pecans, in a healthier, non-pastry form. This one is fantastic, with real maple syrup that provides a very satisfactory level of sweetness. We all know maple and pecan go together, and it's no exception here, a great combination that has a bit of sea salt thrown in to really bring out the flavour. Delicious.

I tried one more flavour tonight, but I forgot to snap a picture before I shoved it in my face. It's a dark chocolate and cherry bar, which seems pretty decadent, but utterly fantastic. It's a cherry, cashew and almond bar, with a generous coating of dark chocolate. The chocolate and cherry are at the forefront of the flavour, and there's a touch of honey thrown in for good measure. It's a wonderfully sweet bar, and it tastes like it should be really unhealthy. It still has under 200 calories though, so it's not bad at all. It's probably my favourite of the ones I've tried so far, but they're all good.

These KIND bars are tasty, natural tasting, and pretty great nutrition wise. Being at the start of a diet that cuts out a whole lot of foods, these are perfect for a sweet snack. I'm looking forward to eating the rest of my selection.

My rating: 5/5

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Today's Review: Baywatch

I've never seen the Baywatch TV show, I'll say that from the start. But I do know about the Hoff, Pamela Anderson and the slow motion red swimsuit running, and maybe that's all the education I need. Besides, let's review Baywatch on its own merits as an action comedy movie, rather than in comparison to the show. Either way, I think we're going to get the same result.

This is the part where I'd normally discuss the plot, but there's so little to it, and it's so predictable, I don't really want to bother. There's righteous muscle bound lifeguard Dwayne Johnson, fresh faced obnoxious muscle bound trainee lifeguard Zac Efron, bumbling joke fodder trainee lifeguard played by a chubby guy, and some women with boobs. I'm not trying to objectify here, boobs are a main focus and talking point for a large chunk of the movie. But don't worry ladies, there's something for everyone, with two elongated dick jokes that last for about five minutes each. 

It's all sandwiched between over the top chase scenes held together by a paint by numbers plot, which is pretty much narrated by the characters constantly as we go along, just in case you can't keep track of generic Hollywood story lines. This movie has fallen into that typical American comedy style that seems to be taking over nowadays. Several swears in a row, that's funny! Talking about genitals for a full minute, that's funny! Elongated improv style dialogue that contributes nothing to the overall movie, that's funny too!

I guess with everything else being awful, there is some saving grace in the action sequences. They inject a little bit of excitement, but most of the time they're very unnecessary. For the risk of spoiling the entirely predictable plot, there's a part where one of the life guards films the bad guys on her phone, then the bad guy takes it, sparking a gripping chase over a lake on jet skis, then through someone's house, at the end of which the bad guy breaks the phone in half. Why didn't he snap it to start with? Or, you know, chuck it in the large body of water? Unnecessary, much like this entire movie. I'd like to say it's alright for your typical Hollywood laugh fest, but I honestly can't even do that. Baywatch is bad.

My rating: 1/5

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Today's Review: Cadbury Caramel Roundies

I tried out the chocolate Roundies from Cadbury about a week ago, and found them to be pretty enjoyable. Nice thick biscuits with a crispy wafer and generous chocolate coating. But there's also a caramel variety available, and everything's better with a bit of caramel, right? Well, not in this case. You'd have thought the caramel would be present between the wafers, but instead it's presented as a caramel flavoured wafer. Problem is, the caramel doesn't taste good. It's far too artificial tasting, overpowering, and left a bit of a funny after taste. The chocolate parts are still present, and go some way to making the overall biscuit nicer, but that overarching caramel taste is just too much, and I didn't enjoy these anywhere near as much as the regular chocolate ones. Maybe I'm wrong, and my taste buds were playing up that day, but these are definitely the worse flavour in my eyes.

My rating: 2/5

Monday, 22 May 2017

Today's Review: Kettle Chips Goats' Cheese & Balsamic Onion

Yay, it's time for another limited edition of Kettle Chips, and this one has goats' cheese, which is a cheese I love. I mean, I love pretty much all cheese, but goats' cheese especially. Also, there's balsamic onion in there, because cheese and onion go together like... cheese and onion? Anyway, I had high hopes for these crisps after scarfing down a fair few bags of Tesco's Finest Goat's Cheese & Chilli Jam crisps. Unfortunately, these disappoint. The goats' cheese is accurate enough in flavour, but there' just not much of it. I wanted something bold with a creamy kick, but I got a cheesy beginning that tapered off to just potato chip. The onion is there to pick up the slack a little, and it's a nice little additional flavour that kicks it up a notch, but it's all over too soon. With a little more seasoning these could be great, but if you're looking for some goats' cheese crisps, I'd go for the Tesco ones.

My rating: 3/5

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Today's Review: Reese's Snack Mix

I love a bit of Reese's, and thankfully there are a lot of different products to keep me occupied. Here we have a Reese's Snack Mix, which is like a trail mix with Reese's candy in it. It's a combination of mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Reese's Pieces, peanuts and salted pretzel pieces. I found this in the American section of a fairly sizeable Tesco, so its availability may waiver. But is it worth looking for?

Well, not particularly, to be fair. The Reese's parts are fine, the mini cups are substantially chocolatey with a lovely peanut butter kick, with the Pieces giving the overall flavour a bit of a top up and a nice crunch. The other elements are a little bland though, the pretzels especially. The peanuts carry on the nuttiness, but a little more chocolate wouldn't go amiss. The pretzels are fairly chunky, and pretty dry, the saltiness and blandness take away from the overall taste, and there's just not enough chocolate to make it all okay. There are better trail mixes out there, and if you're set on Reese's, there are plenty of alternatives. This is just a very average little bag of treats.

My rating: 3/5

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Today's Review: Haribo Tangfastic Summer Frenzy Ice Cream Sorbet Flavours

I'm quite fond of these "frenzy" flavours that come out every now and then, they give the classic Haribo a little twist that normally goes pretty well. This time it's a summer edition, so we have "ice cream sorbet" flavours, If you think that means some of your regular fruit flavours, you'd be wrong. These are a combination of peach, watermelon, passion fruit, mango and bubblegum. Bit of an odd selection, I know, they don't really seem to fit well with the sorbet and ice cream theme.

After tasting them, I'd say they really don't fit. The ice cream is presented in the form of the foam on the back of the crocodiles. I wouldn't say it particularly tastes like ice cream, but it's fairly creamy. The sweets themselves have pretty intense, sweet flavours, some in keeping with the fruits, but others taking it to the extreme. There's nothing particularly bad in this bag, but I was expecting something a little more subdued to coincide with the ice cream theme. As it is the fruits overshadow the other elements, so it would be more fitting to just market these as fruity Tangfastics. An interesting attempt, but I can't say this is a fantastic bag.

My rating: 3/5

Friday, 19 May 2017

Today's Review: Refreshers Choos

So Drumstick Choos are a thing, and they're awesome, so it makes sense that Drumstick wouldn't be the only sweet to get the treatment. Here we have Refreshers Choos, which are like the Refreshers bars in chew form. There are five flavours in this bag. We have the original lemon, strawberry, apple, pineapple and raspberry. Much like the Drumstick, there are some new ones chucked in there, so I was excited to see how they'd turn out. Sorry about the awful pic, it was a quick snap in the dark cinema, but I think you get the gist.

One thing I don't like about Refreshers bars is how messy they can get. Sometimes I try my very best, but still wind up with an elongated, sticky catastrophe, albeit a tasty one. These Choos negate that problem, offering up the classic Refreshers flavour in bite size form. There's also some of the fizzy sherbet stuff inside, although I found some of that just wound up in my lap when I opened the wrapper. Still, there was enough left to give these a bit of a kick. The pre-existing flavours are faithful to the original, and the new one are pretty good too, although not entirely accurate, I was a little disappointed by the pineapple. One thing I will say is the texture is a bit off, these aren't quite as chewy as the bars, but I guess that saves on the jaw muscles, and overall these are a pretty good attempt at some new Refreshers sweets. Let's hope there are more Choos on the horizon.

My rating: 4/5

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Today's Review: Aglaia Closet Light

Last week I reviewed the Aglaia floor lamp, and now I bring you their closet light, which I was sent earlier this week. It's an LED light with a magnetic strip that can be placed in your closets or small spaces to brighten things up a bit. We recently converted one of our cupboards into a walk in wardrobe for the kids, so this light sounded like exactly what I needed.

Yup, there you go. This light is compact, but it packs a lot of power. The LEDs give a brilliant warm white light , and is angled nicely so it doesn't attack the eyes. On the back is an adhesive magnetic strip which sticks to the wall, and then the light can be removed for charging. That's right, no wall socket needed, it comes with a USB cable so you can charge the battery up for two hours of light, which can last a while if you're just ducking in and out of a closet.

That's where the beauty of this thing really shines through. This light contains sensors to minimise energy use in every situation. Aside from the main power switch, there's also a light sensor, so it only lights up when it's dark enough. The front also has a motion sensor, which turns the light on as soon as I move towards it, and shuts it off pretty soon after I'm out of range. So yeah, this closet light is pretty perfect. It's bright, easy to attach, and energy efficient. It's just what I needed to light up my space, and I'm sure it would do for most others as well.

My rating: 5/5

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Today's Review: Lucozade Pineapple Punch

I said yesterday that I'd keep my eye out for this pineapple Lucozade, and then half an hour later I went out and found it. I didn't make the trip just to look for it, it was purely happy coincidence. Like the Blackcurrant Bliss flavour, it looks like this one is only available wholesale, so I'd check your local corner shop to see if you can get your hands on them. But first I'd better tell you if this one is worth it.

I like a bit of fresh pineapple, hell, I like a bit of tinned pineapple, so this seemed to be right up my alley. For the most part, it's a pretty accurate representation of the fruit. It's not a perfect flavour, sure, but it's a neat new flavour that works quite well combined with the Lucozade to make a pretty refreshing drink. Sometimes the syrupy texture of the drink wins out over the pineapple, but the glucose nature combines pretty well with the fruit to give a good overall experience. Another great addition to the range, I'd suggest hunting down these two new flavours while they're still around.

My rating: 4/5

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Today's Review: Lucozade Blackcurrant Bliss

Another new Lucozade flavour in as many days. I was hoping this one would be better than the Lucozade Zero Original, but that wouldn't be too hard in my opinion, and just look, it's blackcurrant, what could go wrong? Apparently this was a thing a while back, but was discontinued. I think I vaguely remember a blackcurrant Lucozade, but that must have been before my reviewing days, so I'll take this as its own new flavour. 

So yeah, a blackcurrant Lucozade, that's pretty much it. There's 2% blackcurrant juice in there, which is nice to see, and I must say it gives it quite a natural taste. It's a pretty sweet, refreshing drink. It tastes like blackcurrant, I'm not sure what more you could want. I'd say it's reminiscent of Ribena in flavour, although it's not quite as clean and crisp, the glucose gives it that slight syrupy texture that makes it a little heavy, but it's a damn good effort at another fruity flavour. I'm not sure how long this will be around, but you should probably hunt it down while you can. Apparently there's a pineapple flavour surfacing too, so I'll definitely be on the lookout for that one.

My rating: 4/5

Monday, 15 May 2017

Today's Review: Cadbury Milk Chocolate Roundies

Here we go, Cadbury are at it again. If they're not bringing out a new chocolate bar, they're likely dipping their fingers in some other pie, and it looks like they're having a crack at the biscuit market again. I don't blame them really, their line of biscuits based on chocolate bars is quite divine, but it looks like they're trying something a little different with these Roundies. They are so called because they are round, I imagine, much like their other biscuits... But anyway, these are a triple layered wafer biscuit, with chocolate in between, and wrapped up in more chocolate. Because we all need more chocolate. They each come wrapped in their own little foil container as well, so maybe these are meant to be somewhat fancy?

These biscuits are fairly substantial, which I suppose is why they're individually wrapped, to encourage single portions. They're pretty filling as well, which is good. The chocolate coating is pretty thick and gives something of a nice snap, giving way to several layers of crunchy wafer. The wafer is somewhat dry and brittle, I ended up with a few crumbs, so I guess it could have been better. Thankfully, the chocolate in between wafers is enough to add a bit of moisture and make these turn out pretty alright in the end. These are nice thick chocolate biscuits. It's a shame the wafer isn't a bit better, but these are worth tracking down, because knowing Cadbury's track record with their new ranges, these won't be around for a long time.

My rating: 4/5

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Today's Review: Lucozade Zero Original

It's been a while now since Lucozade did the seemingly impossible and brought out a sugar free version of their glucose drink, and I must say I enjoy a Zero in orange or pink lemonade form when I'm trying to watch my calorie intake. Now there's another flavour on the scene, in the form of this Original Lucozade Zero. Now, original is definitely my least favourite of any Lucozade flavour ever, so I'll have to admit I went into this with some bias. But I'm not sure how they could pull off a glucose tasting glucose drink without the glucose.

The answer is they can't. The bottle says it's a citrus flavour, but it's not like any fruit I've ever tasted. There's a slight hint of that taste I hate in the full calorie version, but it's not particularly strong, so it's like sparkling water with a bit of a funny taste to it. As I said, I pretty much went in with an opinion already formed, but I always try to keep an open mind, and even so I can't get on with this. This might be good for someone who can't get enough of that original flavour, but I don't think they replicate it well at all, I'd suggest sticking with the other varieties, they're much tastier.

My rating: 1/5

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Today's Review: Monster LH44

Rejoice, another new Monster flavour has emerged! Looks like this one is following in the footsteps of "The Doctor", but this time instead of collaborating with a MotoGP star, they've gone with Lewis Hamilton. So here we have "LH44", which is as cryptic as the other one, but the internet assures me that this is a black grape flavour. Now, the lemon Doctor still remains one of my favourite flavours, so I was excited to see what this one would bring.

I'm disappointed, I have to say. Grape is a tricky flavour to nail, I know, as evidenced by all those grape drinks and sweets that don't really taste like grapes at all. Still, they have that certain sweet grape flavour that I've come to appreciate on its own. This can pretty much tastes like that. Unfortunately, while it can work in some sweets, in drink form I normally find it too sweet, and that's the case here. The drink itself isn't too thick or syrupy, so I appreciate that, but the overall flavour is a little sickly, and it's slightly darker than I'm used to, probably to be more in line with a black grape taste. This certainly isn't a bad can of energy drink, but I know Monster can do a lot better. Still, it's cleaner tasting than a lot of stuff Rockstar have put out, so I'd say it's worth a shot.

My rating: 3/5

Friday, 12 May 2017

Today's Review: Jacob's Cracker Crisps Mature Cheddar Ploughman's

It's another seasonal flavour of Cracker Crisps, I hope this becomes a regular thing. This time we're tackling cheese with a Ploughman's variety, which means they've chucked in some pickle as well. I can normally take or leave cheese crisps, but the prospect of pickle roped me in here, hopefully this would be something different and quite delicous.

These are cheesy, there's no denying. It's a good flavour, definitely on the mature side, as it has more of a kick than your regular cheese crisps. As always, the cracker crisps themselves are substantial, and have a good texture. The pickle, however, brings these down in my esteem. It's overwhelming, and not particularly an accurate pickle depiction. It doesn't ruin the bag completely, but it does push the cheese to one side, I just wish the flavours were more balanced to make this a better bag. Oh well, I guess they can't all be hits, I still look forward to whatever may be coming out next.

My rating: 3/5

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Today's Review: Aglaia Floor Lamp

I recently received this floor lamp from Aglaia, an appliance company with quite a few products for sale on Amazon. I've dabbled in lamps around the house before, but none have survived the changes in decor, or have ended up battered along the way. Let's see if this one is any different.

At first I was surprised by how small the box was that the lamp came in, it turns out some assembly is required. Thankfully, that assembly is easy. The wire goes from the plug all the way to the lamp head, and you simply have to screw the pieces of stand together. Easy to assemble, but also easy to disassemble, so it would easily survive a move, or being put into storage.

So here's the lamp in all its glory, and I have to say, I love the design. There's a base, a stand, and the lamp head, and that's it. It's very sleek and minimalist, and once the pieces are all screwed together they all sit very flush, and it looks like one pieces of metal. It would probably fit in with pretty much any decorating style, and it doesn't take up much space at all. 

But enough about the looks, how is it as a lamp? Well, the minimalist design carries over to function as well, extremely simple but effective. There's a touch sensitive button on top of the lamp head, which turns the lamp on at the slightest touch. Simply touch the button again to cycle through three levels of brightness, and to switch off. The picture up there shows it at the lowest brightness level, which is pretty nice, and once you kick it up a notch you can really shed some light on the situation. Har har. The light itself is a lovely warm white glow provided by LEDs, so it's low energy and doesn't suffer from flickering or glare. The neck is also very flexible, so it's easily manoeuvred into pretty much any position you want. 

I don't think I could ask for more from a lamp. It looks great, is fantastically easy to operate, and will fit just about anywhere. I can't fault it, this comes with a high recommendation from me. Better still, if you want to buy one over the next week, I've been given a coupon code to share with my readers to knock £7 off the price. A good deal for a great lamp.

My rating: 5/5

Head here to check out the lamp, and enter the code BRDN9RPX to get it for £24.99. The code is valid until May 18th.